Empower workplaces through excellent labour relations practices. From conflict resolution to collective bargaining, equip your organisation with the essential skills to foster a collaborative and productive work environment.

Training to enhance relationships

Mastering negotiations
Provides strategies, tools and skills to achieve better outcomes at the bargaining table.

Conflict management
Provides techniques to enhance problem solving, preserving relationships and managing conflict.

Effective dispute management
Designed to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the  legal framework for employment dispute resolution.

Personal and team effectiveness
Based on Insights Discovery to build strong relationships in
the workplace.

Engaging effectively in a unionised environment
Imparts knowledge of roles and responsibilities, and tools to engage  in a beneficial and legally compliant manner.

Mastering workplace communication
Strategies for effective collaboration and engagement.


Preparing for and presenting an arbitration
This course gives a practical guideline to prepare your case and covers in detail the process of arbitration.

Training on discipline, performance & grievance management

Managing Harassment in the Workplace
Identify and prevent harmful behaviour in the workplace, understand the consequences of harassment, and how to manage allegations appropriately, fairly and in compliance with legislation.

Managing discipline
How to deal with common types of misconduct in a practical and legally compliant manner that promotes progressive discipline.

Preparing for, initiating and presenting in a disciplinary hearing
Tools to initiate disciplinary hearings.

Chair a disciplinary hearing
Enables you to effectively, consistently and fairly chair a disciplinary hearing. It includes Tokiso’s popular Snares for Chairs board game.

Managing performance
Includes (1) addressing the practicalities of improving employees’ performance, (2) the steps required before a performance hearing is held, and (3) how to initiate and lead a case in a performance hearing.

Managing grievances
The legal and organisational framework of grievances, process options to prevent grievances as well as the procedures to follow to hear and conclude formal grievances.

The guiding principles of our training

  • We encourage joint training with shop stewards and managers to  promote cooperative relations
  • Our facilitators are experienced experts in the field.
  • Our customisable courses are module based, adaptable to clients’ needs.
  • Our methodology includes tried and tested role-plays.
  • Engaging videos examine key aspects of negotiation and dispute resolution.
  • South African case studies provide relevance to participants.
  • Online gaming tools examine and embed learning throughout the course.