Tokiso offers a range of comprehensive ADR processes and support services. All services are cost effective, user friendly and legally enforceable.

Consensus seeking

Mediation / conciliation
Mediation involves using an impartial third party who helps both sides to a dispute to come to an agreement.

Facilitation is a process where a third party chairs a conversation. This includes diversity facilitation initiatives.

Relationship building initiatives
The objective of a relationship building initiative is to identify problem areas in the working relationship and to agree on mutually acceptable solutions.

Managing meetings
Tokiso offers a meeting management service, including facilitating the meeting and providing secretariat services.

Adjudicative processes

Arbitration is a legal technique for the resolution of disputes outside the courts.

Chairing enquiries
This is a process whereby an independent chairperson is appointed to determine an internal matter within an organisation.

Workplace investigations
This process is used where a party is facing a situation of conflicting information and/or a lack of information and need an objective assessment.

Forensic investigations
These services are aimed to provide scientific scrutiny of evidence to assist parties to determine a way forward.

Other services

Dispute system design
For particularly complex or thorny matters, Tokiso can offer parties assistance to design an appropriate process to ensure the fair, efficient and cost-effective resolution of the matter.

Our training courses are practical and draw on Tokiso’s extensive experience. The courses are facilitated by experienced practitioners.

Verification and balloting
A verification exercise is conducted to establish on a factual basis, the representation or numbers of members of one or more organisation. Tokiso also offers independent balloting services for a smooth and credible election process.

Organisational Culture Assessment
Tokiso’s organisational assessment is designed to build workplaces with high-performing cultures supported by effective, fair labour practices.

Tokiso offers a range of coaching programmes. Our coaches are qualified, experienced and objective.