Tokiso offers a range of coaching programmes. Our coaches are qualified, experienced and objective.


What is coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative method of learning that aims to develop an individual through structured support and professional feedback in order improve an individual’s performance, thereby increasing the effectiveness of organisations.

Leadership coaching is designed to increase the strategic capability and effectiveness of individuals at every level through self-awareness and goals that are aligned to and support organisational strategy.

Why use Tokiso?

  • We have 19 years’ experience resolving disputes and managing conflict. Our coaching programmes leverage our insight into enhancing performance at an individual, team and organisational level commencing with building self-awareness and effective relationships.
  • We embrace conflict as an inherent element in society, focusing on enabling individuals to constructively respond to conflict in a manner that prevents disputes, promotes diversity and tolerance, and drives change and innovation.
  • We have deep experience in dealing with diversity, building team cohesion, and managing complex issues that affect individual’s performance and engagement at senior and leadership levels.

If you would like to book a coach or find out more about our coaching programmes, please contact us at